Waxing Is Painfully
Get spotless skin with Arvin Aesthetic laser hair reduction treatment. Get Up to 30% Off!

Laser hair reduction(LHR) treatment : Full Body & Specific Area

Why should you try our laser hair reduction treatment?

Why are our laser hair reduction treatment better than waxing? 5 reasons why LHR is better than parlour

  • Laser Hair Reduction Treatment


  • Results are Permanent

  • No hair in-growths at all

  • One time spent around Rs 60,000 for a permanent solution.

  • Require 5-12 weeks regular sessions.

  • Waxing

    Painful and It hurts so much!

  • Results are Temporary

  • Requires 3 to 4 weeks regular sessions.

  • Lots of hair in-growths

  • Expensive

Our Customer Testimonials

Harika P

Waxing and razors had really made my skin dark and irritated. It was a constant struggle!! Hence I thought of giving laser hair removal treatment a try and found Dr.Arvin Aesthetic. Their laser hair removal treatment is really amazing, the procedure was smooth and also easy on pocket. I am thankful to Dr.Arvin Sarabi for letting me flaunt my beautiful skin

Ambience : 5/5 
Equipment : 5/5
Treatment : 5/5
Budget 5/5
Doctor 5/5

Indrani Dwarampudi

I had gone to Dr. Arvin's cosmetology and plastic surgery clinic for laser hair removal & my experience was delightful. I have previously taken this therapy from other reputed places in Hyderabad where the machinery was quite primitive and the technicians were fine but at Dr. Arvin's clinic the advanced machinery made the process so comfortable and Dr. personally looks into the setting of the laser and administration to suit each skin type.
They also maintain a personalised skin file of every client which i thought was excellent so they have a track of their client's skin and understand the requirements appropriately.

Seema Chawla

Initially I was very skeptical about getting a skin tightening procedure because I thought it would be painful and it would be a continuous effort to maintain it. But when I met Dr. Arvin and learnt about the theramage flx therapy and how it’s completely non invasive I felt confident to go ahead with the procedure. Icing on the cake was it just required a single session and was also completely pain free.
It has been 3 months since I took the treatment and I look so much more younger and my face looks toned.

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