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Are you Looking for a laser skin pigmentation treatment that delivers results?

Laser treatments effectively treat pigmentation caused by melanin, helping you achieve a clear and even complexion.
At Arvin Aesthetic, we use the latest laser technology to target pigmentation at its source, reducing and eliminating unwanted spots.
Whether you are struggling with sunspots, age spots, freckles, or other forms of pigmentation, we can help you achieve your goals.

What is Skin Hyperpigmentation?

Why should you be worried about getting Pigmented skin?

Hyperpigmentation is a condition that affects the appearance and health of your skin. Pigmented areas on the face can be especially problematic as they may cause individuals to feel self-conscious or embarrassed in public.
Pigmentation occurs when certain areas of the skin become noticeably darker than the surrounding tissue, often leading to uneven patches or blotches on the skin. Pigmentation can occur as a result of many different factors, including sun exposure, hormonal imbalances, or certain medical conditions or disorders. If you are concerned about pigmentation on your face or skin, there are treatments available that can help to reduce pigmentation and restore your skin's natural colour and tone.

What are the treatments available for skin Pigmentation at Arvin Aesthetic?

Face pigmentation is a major problem for both men and women. It can be caused by sun damage, hormonal imbalance, acne scarring or simply genetics.
In general, laser treatment is one of the most effective and long-lasting options. This technique uses targeted laser beams to break up pigment clusters and encourage the body's natural healing processes. In addition, the lasers are also capable of removing tattoos and other pigmented skin lesions.
One of the most requested “Quick-Fix” procedure we offer is the Carbon peel or Hollywood laser facial – which gives you an instant glow and refreshed look, making you party ready before any event or wedding.
There are a number of different products available on the market that claim to treat pigmentation problems. However, not all of these products are effective. Some may lighten the skin temporarily but do not provide long-term results. Others may cause irritation or even make the problem worse.
The best way to find an effective treatment is to consult with an expert who can recommend the best product for your particular situation.
Once you have found an effective product, it is important to follow the instructions carefully in order to achieve the best results.
We offer FDA-approved equipment & treatments that are safe and effective.
If you are looking for the best possible care for your pigmentation concerns, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with us.
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