Anti-Pigmentation and skin whitening treatment

Anti-Pigmentation and skin whitening treatment at Dr.Arvin’s Plasticsurgery & Cosmetology Centre

We at Dr. Arvin’s Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology Centre strive to give you healthy, glowing and youthful skin and not just lighten your skin color.

To achieve this goal, after a detailed consultation and understanding the individuals needs we formulate a plan of action.
We offer a wide variety of solutions combining lasers, IV therapy, peels, facials.

It is equally important to follow a structured home use product protocol to enhance and maintain the results.

The use of glutathione as a skin protector and enhancer has always been popular. Here is some information about this all rounder.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that plays several essential roles in the body. Here are some common uses of glutathione:

1. Antioxidant Support: Glutathione helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can harm cells and contribute to aging and various diseases.

2. Detoxification: Glutathione is involved in the detoxification process by binding to harmful toxins and facilitating their removal from the body.

3. Immune System Support: Glutathione plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system by helping to optimize the function of immune cells and promoting their proper response to infections and diseases.

4. Skin Lightening: Glutathione has gained popularity for its potential to lighten the skin and its effectiveness for reducing spots and pigmentation.

5. Liver Health: Glutathione is essential for proper liver function and helps protect the liver from damage caused by toxins, drugs, and alcohol.

It's important to note that while glutathione supplementation is available, the body naturally produces this antioxidant. The effectiveness of oral glutathione supplements in increasing the body's glutathione levels is still a subject of research, as it can be challenging for the body to absorb it through oral supplementation.

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