GFC for hair fall

Hair loss has become the major concern for any age group and gender these days, and it’s becoming tough to resolve the issue for everyone. Here we have the best solution for you through which the hair fall can be reversed easily and that too using our own blood, it’s GFC - Growth Factor Concentrate therapy.
GFC is the latest innovative treatment for the patients with hair loss and also has an application in skin rejuvenation. It is the most advanced form of PRP treatment available for hair loss.
Growth Factor Concentrate is basically autologous (patient’s own) blood plasma enriched with several different growth factors, that stimulate the hair follicles growth.
GFC is a pure, safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation which delivers much superior results in hair loss compared to conventional PRP treatments. GFC is injected directly into the scalp where growth factors are delivered at high concentration.

Treatment procedure

Why GFC?

Side effects of GFC:

GFC is pure, completely acellular, autologous and safe and doesn’t contain any unwanted cells risk factor and inflammation is minimal. The reactions we can observe are likely related to injections which results in mild to moderate impact which usually resolves in 48 hours. Patients can immediately start with their normal activities after the hair treatment procedure.

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